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Dreamcatcher Collection Jewelry by Ming-Shuw
Dreamcatcher Collection Jewelry
I made a new collection of Dreamcatcher necklaces recently so i want to show it here!
They are all handmade by myself and you can find theme in my French shop:…

Dear diary,

These last days were my most difficult ones but today is a new day. I learn that every ponies have their importance and that each of them can make a difference. Sometimes they don't know it because of people who bring them down or because they have been so hurted in the past that they have lost their self-confidence.

But we all have the power to change our life. You can heal the past by taking new opportunities in the present. What happened in the past stay in the past, you shouldn't let your memories have the power on your life and prevent you to be who you really are and live what you really want to live. Take place in the present and the future will be yours.

Also you shouldn't underestimate  your value. Your words and your acts could seem meaningless to you but they can mean the world to someone. The ocean is made from water drops. The desert is made from grains of sand. As insignifiant as you think you could be, you could be the missing piece of a big story.

So get out of your fears, let go of your doubts and reveal the power inside you! You are a part of this world and this world need a little of your light to shine brighter.

Great destinies start by small steps. So believe in yourself, inspire people by sharing your story and never forget that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

You lovely Fluttershy
[Fluttershy's Diary] You can make a difference
Fluttershy is my favourite pony, not only our characters are similar but moreover, i think she's the strongest pony in the show. She learn to fight her fears, to go over her shyness and to overcome her bad memories, i love how she is courageous to fight her own demons!

There is an episode who marked me: "Hurricane Fluttershy", episode 22 from season 2 where Fluttershy don't want to participate in the tornado evenment because she think her presence wouldn't change anything and then Twilight told her: "You can make a difference!"  
And then you know what happened. ;) 

English isn't my main language so sorry if they are any mistakes, please correct me if you saw some.
I think i will continue to make others chapters of Fluttershy's Diary, i love her so much <3.

PS: grr, i can't pu that in "fan art category"... i don't like at all the automated category search of Deviantart...
Be true to yourself by Ming-Shuw
Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself no matter what

There are days where you are getting hurted by people you care the most.Sometimes they don't even know you are feeling this way.
Their words, their stories, theirs acts can bring you down. They can make you sad, angry and they can deceive you. 
And sometimes there are people who want to change who you are. They want to control all your life, what you should think, what you should do, what you should say. 
But you are unique. No one is youer than you. Don't let anyone change who you are. People don't know your whole story, they don't even know you completely, don't let them get the power on your life. 
Accept the best and the worst version of yourself. Don't be ashamed of who you are because in the eyes of the universe, you are perfect here and now. Shine your light and be true to yourself no matter what.

This is one of first watercolor painting. I love painting poetry illustrations!

Wahaha, it has been two years that i didn't write here!
Well, maybe no one is reading me but i don't care, i love writing!

So what happened these last two years?
Not many things changed but these things drove to big changements.

I was lost in my professional orientation and now, i found my way.
I am a entrepreneur, i'm working on my own company since several months (
It's hard but the project is growing as well as others projects and i'm very confiant and i love my job and my liberty!

I changed a lot myself, not in apparence but from inside.
I learned a lot of things these two years, i grown a lot.
I learned to believe in myself and in my dreams, i'm working hard to realize them.
I learned to accept others like they are even when i'm pissed of their caracters. I learned to follow my heart. I learned to take my time, to move at my rythm and to not follow the society just tobe like them.

Even if some times were hard, i proud of these last years because i was able to find what i want in my life and prout to have the courage to give up everything to work on it.
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Aline S.
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hi to all Deviants!

I'm Aline and i live in France at Paris! My passions are all related to arts: photography, illustration, graphism, writing, jewelry making, ect... I have a lot of dreams for my future and everyday, i try to realize each of them. I'm also interested in paranormal and i practice tarot cards, dream interpretation and pendulum. The Universe and its energies fascinate me. <3

"There are far, far better things adhead..." C.S.Lewis
"Create the strengh and courage within you to do it. Grow into the person you have to be in order to live your dreams."

Follow me on Ming-Shuw Facebook Fan Page
I also have a webshop with handmade stones jewelries: Labyrinthe Universel
And i'm the creator of a French handmade box wihch feature handmade creations from artisans: La Homemade Box

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